Powell Maternity Session

Sometimes in your life you meet someone and you don’t realize until years and years later that maybe they were put there to help you change your life. Laura and I went to high school together. We had some of the same friends and would run into each other here and there but it wasn’t until much later that we began to form a relationship outside of acquaintances. I was honored to photograph her first maternity session several years ago as well as her daughter’s newborn pictures. She contacted me again about doing a maternity session for their newest arrival, another girl too! Of course I was over the moon.

While I absolutely love documentary style sessions Laura enjoys the more formal genre of photographs and was unsure if she wanted to keep the beach theme that we did with her first born or do something completely different. We sat down one night for a consultation to talk about ideas and instead a wonderful thing happened. While we did briefly speak about photography we also ended up talking to each other about some of our own insecurities in life and what followed was each of us building each other up based on them. It was so wonderful to just sit down and talk to another woman, to build each other up, empowering each other based on our own different but similar fears and worries. I left that consultation feeling wonderful. I felt confident, I felt strong and empowered and I hope that she felt the same way.

A short time later she contacted me again and wasn’t sure if she was feeling the beach theme that they had done before and another amazing thing happened, something that has never really happened to me, she asked me what my absolute unhindered vision would be instead. Knowing she enjoyed the more formal type of photography I did of course keep that in mind but after I explained my idea she said she loved it. She was feeling inspired again and excited and so was I. Almost all of my clients trust me to some degree or another (or they wouldn’t come to me) but no one had ever essentially asked me, What do you see for us? and then trusted me completely to deliver it.

I don’t think she realized just how much asking me that question, me honestly answering that question, her trust and enthusiasm in her answer to that, her cooperation to make it happen and her response to the final images really helped my confidence and inner strength. And if she doesn’t realize, I just want to say thank you. She sent me this quote just the other day and it’s so true,

“When women support each other, incredible things happen.”

Let’s remember to support each other, we need it more than ever. <3

Here are just a few pictures from our session together. If you love the pictures, please leave a comment below and spread some love! And if you want to book, send us a message! The Powell’s chose the complete digital collection (a lifetime high resolution digital gallery of all final images and printing rights) for their custom session. We can create the perfect one for you too. XO

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A Minute In the Life – Pregnancy Announcement Style

I photographed Shannon and Ian over three years ago in celebration of their engagement and upcoming wedding. Every single time I photograph an engagement session or a wedding, deep down inside I’m always hoping I get that future call back for a maternity or newborn session. Obviously there are some times when the universe has different plans which is totally okay but really, getting to document couples as they enter new chapters in their lives and then having the opportunity to document them again as they start brand new ones later is such a privilege. It’s an honor to be included and trusted with what will eventually be their fondest memories as a family.

When Shannon contacted me with the news I was over the moon. These two have amazing chemistry together and it’s no doubt that will be a wonderful gift towards their journey in parenting. Those of us with kids know how important it is to have that in a partner and how grateful we are (or at least should be) when we have it. These two are going to make an amazing team and I was so excited to help them create an announcement that would let the world know that one of their dreams was coming true.

Enjoy this sweet Photo Story shot by Amanda Ballard and let us know what you think in the comments! And don’t forget, if you have a special announcement, story, milestone or memory that you want us to tell through photographs send us an e-mail today!


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Stephanie and Alex {Maternity Session}

This whole session was very special. It was gifted to Stephanie through her friend, who was one of my brides last year. Funny thing was, I didn’t know that I actually knew Steph until we met at the beach and I instantly I recognized her. It was neat because her dress was the same style dress that she wore in that particular wedding… and she’s stunning in it! Also, after you view these pictures you will see how head over heels Alex is for Stephanie. I loved photographing this couple, I could see their passion and I hardly had to direct them with anything. These two are some great looking parents. Miss Ava is going to be the cherry on top!! And from what I heard from Stephanie, if Ava isn’t here already she’s coming today!



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Aubree {Newborn Session}

I met Sheena and Josh earlier this year for their maternity pictures. I knew just from the way they behaved together that they were already head over heels in love with their little girl. I was really excited then because I knew how much love there would be for their newborn session. I wasn’t disappointed. Sheena told me how rough the delivery was but you would have never been able to tell. Mom, dad and sweet baby looked amazing! Enjoy a few pictures from our session together!



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Sheena and Josh {Maternity Session}

Sheena and Josh are expecting their first baby and it’s a girl! They are going to have me photograph her newborn pictures and I’m so excited because she is going to be gorgeous! I mean look at these two! We met at the park a little before sunset and shot until the sun went down. Oh, and you’ll see they also brought their dog! Loved him! Here are a few from our session. Enjoy!

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Alicia & Joe {Maternity Session}

I met Joe and Alicia years ago at our annual home away from home.. The Florida Renaissance Festival. I guess the four of us (my husband too) were just born into the wrong era.. hahaha. It was such a treat to see them outside of the festival and to get to spend some one on one time with them. Both were great in front of the camera and were super easy to work with and the cherry on top was that the weather was perfect! I’ll never forget a little tad of advise that Alicia told me though, as I was warning her about potential spiders in the area, “You don’t really have to worry about them unless it’s mating season which is in September. That’s when you wouldn’t want to climb into the bushes.” What a trooper! And all of you who will be scheduling future shoots for September, you can now rest easily knowing I won’t put you into the bushes with the mating spiders because I now know better. 😉 Here are a few sneak peeks from their session…

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Brittany and Dan – Maternity Session

Brittany and I are cousins that pretty much grew up together so you can imagine how excited I am that my daughter will have a cousin to grow up with as well! We started the session off in the backyard of the house she grew up in (isn’t the barn great?) and followed it up at Long Key Nature Center where they took their wedding photos (after it had closed – we shot as quick as we could, then they kicked us out and we shot some more). It was great day! Can’t wait for Emma to get here!


Laura and Kenton – Maternity Session

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing this couple for many years. You can imagine how excited I was when I heard the good news – Laura is going to be a mom! And such a beautiful one at that. I’ll have to admit I was in shock that you guys were willing to wake up before sunrise to get your pictures taken. I’ve never seen anyone look so good so early. You guys rocked it. Can’t wait to meet that perfect baby!