Christy & Humberto {Destination Wedding / Family Vacation}

If you follow me at all you’ll know that in July my daughter and I went along with my sister, our parents and her fiance to Tennessee so that they could get married out of the city. It was a small intimate wedding with the most perfect of details and it took place right in front of the fire place in our cabin in the mountains. After the ceremony the three of us went down to explore and and soak in as much of gorgeous Tennessee as we could. Since they got married on our first day up there we enjoyed the last bit of the trip site-seeing and doing what tourists do – cave exploring, gem mining, trout fishing, deer feeding – you know, the usual! Here are a few (ha ha – in comparison to the whole album) pictures from our trip. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!


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That’s Sew Christy! {Homemade Stuff for Baby!}

My sister Christy is crafty in everything. No really, I mean it! After I had my daughter Arya she got interested in cloth diapers and tried her hand at making a few. They turned out awesome – as anyone knows her knew they would. Check out some of her creations! She also makes pillow case dresses, pillows, taggie blankets and so much more! Give her Facebook page a like and support her small business! — > That’s Sew Christy!

That's Sew Christy!

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Brittany and Dan – Maternity Session

Brittany and I are cousins that pretty much grew up together so you can imagine how excited I am that my daughter will have a cousin to grow up with as well! We started the session off in the backyard of the house she grew up in (isn’t the barn great?) and followed it up at Long Key Nature Center where they took their wedding photos (after it had closed – we shot as quick as we could, then they kicked us out and we shot some more). It was great day! Can’t wait for Emma to get here!