A Minute In the Life – Pregnancy Announcement Style

I photographed Shannon and Ian over three years ago in celebration of their engagement and upcoming wedding. Every single time I photograph an engagement session or a wedding, deep down inside I’m always hoping I get that future call back for a maternity or newborn session. Obviously there are some times when the universe has different plans which is totally okay but really, getting to document couples as they enter new chapters in their lives and then having the opportunity to document them again as they start brand new ones later is such a privilege. It’s an honor to be included and trusted with what will eventually be their fondest memories as a family.

When Shannon contacted me with the news I was over the moon. These two have amazing chemistry together and it’s no doubt that will be a wonderful gift towards their journey in parenting. Those of us with kids know how important it is to have that in a partner and how grateful we are (or at least should be) when we have it. These two are going to make an amazing team and I was so excited to help them create an announcement that would let the world know that one of their dreams was coming true.

Enjoy this sweet Photo Story shot by Amanda Ballard and let us know what you think in the comments! And don’t forget, if you have a special announcement, story, milestone or memory that you want us to tell through photographs send us an e-mail today!


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Lisa and Donny {Engagement Session}

Lisa and Donny were our first engagement session of 2015. An engagement session is meant to capture and celebrate the love between two people. They are a wonderful and fun way to start off any wedding story! We shot at my favorite of our exclusive parks and it was such a pleasure. The lighting was great, the weather was perfect and the two of them were super cute with great chemistry to boot. I really really really can’t wait to capture the rest of their wedding day story in October! They are going to love their photographic heirlooms. Here are just a couple of our favorite digitals from the session!

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Chelsey & Corey {Beach Elopement}

From the moment Chelsey contacted me about her and Corey’s beach elopement I was ALL ON BOARD. I mean, common’.. I was getting chosen to capture something so intimate and romantic, in such a beautiful location with beautiful people! When I arrived at the hotel I found out that Corey was getting ready at a separate location and Chelsey’s sister, Courtney, was taking pictures there. Suddenly it clicked in my head and I realized her sister is none other than professional photographer Courtney Ortiz. Talk about NO PRESSURE… haha, yea right! Once Chels was finished getting ready we headed down to the beach to take a few pictures before she saw Corey at their ceremony.. which couldn’t have been more perfect. They lit unity torches and said their “I do”s in a ring of seashells, with nothing but us, the sand and the sea to witness it. Perfection! Here are a few sneak peeks for you all!



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Christy & Humberto {Destination Wedding / Family Vacation}

If you follow me at all you’ll know that in July my daughter and I went along with my sister, our parents and her fiance to Tennessee so that they could get married out of the city. It was a small intimate wedding with the most perfect of details and it took place right in front of the fire place in our cabin in the mountains. After the ceremony the three of us went down to explore and and soak in as much of gorgeous Tennessee as we could. Since they got married on our first day up there we enjoyed the last bit of the trip site-seeing and doing what tourists do – cave exploring, gem mining, trout fishing, deer feeding – you know, the usual! Here are a few (ha ha – in comparison to the whole album) pictures from our trip. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!


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Shannon and Ian {Engagement Session}

Warning!! These guys are almost too cute to handle, and that’s coming from me – a romantic! This session was a blast. This couple was spontaneous, silly, easy-going and not to mention totally photogenic. If the sun hadn’t gone down I might not have ever stopped shooting. Editing this session was a lot of fun too. Their happiness is contagious.. Just check out some* of these pictures from their session! If you don’t smile once you’re doing it wrong. 😉

*Like I said, I got carried away! <3

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Carmen & Matt {Engagement Session}

I was SO excited for this day! I’ve known Carmen since highschool and was so happy for her when I found out she was getting engaged (I love love!)! I was even happier when she asked if I could take their pictures. When I showed up at their house they had coffee and breakfast waiting for me. How nice is that?! For this session we took a walk around their housing complex which gave us a lot of beautiful, different options. Those are my favorite kind of locations, ones that mean something to my subjects and will be completely unique from others. It was a great time. Matt battled spiders for us. We got worried when we heard the water sprinklers turning on around us – and then were relieved when they turned back off. Also, most importantly, I got to meet their dog, Toby. Look at his bowtie!! Enjoy these (few) from our session! <3

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Nicole and Bud {Couple’s Holiday Session}

Nicole and Bud are two of my closest friends so it was with great pleasure that I was able to take their pictures in a more serious, professional light. If anyone knows Bud in real life, they would be just as impressed as I was at how great he was in front of the camera. Seriously, he was giving off a very Fabio-like vibe anytime he wasn’t wrestling with Nicole, or licking Nicole’s face, or performing any of his general Bud-like actions.. hehe. I had such a fun time with them both and am looking forward to more of these as plans for headshots for Nicole are in the works! Here are some (a lot) sneak peeks from their session. I couldn’t pick just a few.. I always forget how much I love shooting couples until I shoot couples. <3

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