Noah {Birthday Portraits}

Noah turns three today and he’s one awesome kid!! I had so much fun with this session. I didn’t realize until I saw him and his grandma (they came along to keep Noah entertained during his session) that I’ve actually taken pictures of them before at a birthday party!  What a small world. Let me tell you, this kid has tons of energy! His mom probably laughed when she saw the session because there are quite a few where he’s just taking off and running. We could get him to sit still for several seconds at a time by asking him to sit and “squish monsters”. He was so good at that! He’s also really kind. Though he stated clearly at one point that he was too busy to pick flowers he managed to sneak a few in for mom and he even ran up to me during the session and surprised me with a hug! Can’t wait to photograph his 3rd birthday party this weekend! Here are some sneak peeks from our session together, enjoy! Click here for information on the Holiday Mini Sessions! There are still a few spots left. LuckyElephantPhotography_Noah-43 Continue reading

Mini Sessions are here! AND ARE SOLD OUT!



Hello Families, Individuals, Couples, Fiances, Friends, Siblings! They are here! The long awaited mini sessions! They will take place again this year in Davie, Florida. Send an e-mail to to reserve a spot. A regular session starts at over $400 so this is a really great opportunity for those of you that have been holding out. Happy Holidays! My gift to you!



Alexandra {Beauty Session}

This session was so much fun! These are my absolute favorite kind. This particular one was extra fun because we had a hair and makeup artist on the spot – Alexandra’s older sister, Jackie! We met up at sunrise which means not only her but her sister as well had to be up crazy early. I love, love, love when my clients go out of their way for the perfect picture. I pretty much roll out of bed right before I leave, get an iced coffee and blast some music on the way to location. After all I don’t have to be photographed. 😛 Alexandra was meant to be on camera!

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Ashley, Andy and Ava {Family Session}

Ack! Bad me! I haven’t updated the blog in some time. I thought the perfect thing to post to get back on track would be this beautiful family! I have had the pleasure of photographing Ava and her family since she was 6 months old. It’s been wonderful to watch her grow into the beautiful, STRONG willed little girl that she is. She knows what she wants and knows what she doesn’t want, and she will let you know! I was over the moon excited that she gave us a few smiles to work with. Her absolute favorite part of the session was mirror time with mom. Ashley, fantastic idea to bring that along!

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Surprise! {Family Session}

This was one of the most thoughtful, sweetest (and challenging) sessions I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of. One of my good friends had contacted me one day about taking pictures of his girlfriend’s two boys. At first I thought he was just talking about a normal family session but then the more we talked I found out it was going to be a surprise for his girlfriend. He was going to take the boys “out” for a day but in actuality we were going to meet up and I was going to take their pictures. The goal was that he would present her with the prints once I had finished editing them… A belated Mother’s Day gift. How freaking sweet is that?? (He’s going to kill me if he reads this because he doesn’t like to be known for being “sweet” LOL) However, right before the session some plans changed and he had to end up spilling the secret to get the boys out of the house (hahaha) so mom ended up coming along. Even though it was spur of the moment for her it was so nice to be able to take pictures of her along with her boys. And MAN, these boys were a challenge to shoot!! They. were. everywhere. Boys will be boys they say! Check out a few of our pictures from the session, this group was hilarious and admittedly completely out of my control.. haha…

P.S. Wanna know how I know these boys had a great time? At the end of the session the oldest came over to me, so kindly, and gave me an Andes mint chocolate bar.. THAT WAS COMPLETELY MELTED INTO MUSH. Boys, I tell ya!!!

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Miller Family {Beauty / Family Portrait Session}

I’ve had the opportunity to work with this family on many occasions. Back when I first started getting interested in photography, using just a regular every day camera, I took pictures for one of Tyler’s music videos. Looking back on those now, I’m horrified, but we all have to start somewhere right? 😉 Tyler is a local celebrity that goes by the name Verse Won, a musical artist that you can hear on the radio or find performing at a venue in South Florida with his team, WeFilthyRich Ent. It was no surprise that his oldest daughter would be following his footsteps into stardom. She is an outstandingly smart (mom’s a teacher!!) and beautiful girl and her little sister is following suit. I can’t wait to see them in the movies. I got to meet up with them again to take their portraits and it was the first time that I got to meet the little one. She’s so squeezable and loveable and you can get lost in those eyes! I can’t wait to see the two girls again. In between the modeling we made sure to get some family shots in because how can you not with a family like that? Here’s just a few from our session! Enjoy! Aradia_LuckyElephantPhotography_BeautyPortraits_SouthFlorida


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March of Dimes 2014 {Friday’s Personal Post}

Guess what?! IT’S FRIDAY. I love Fridays. Since I work full time as a secretary I am always looking forward to the weekends. Weekends always mean time spent with my family and friends and  typically photoshoots – which I LOVE. A couple weekends ago we all attended the walk-a-thon at Nova University for the March of Dimes. It’s the first one I’ve participated in and it certainly won’t be the last. I wanted to share a few pictures from the event, an inside look into part of my family life (the husband was NOT going to wake up early to walk therefore I say “part”.. LOL) so I went with my mom, sister, her fiance, our friend Josalyn and my daughter Arya. Maybe we’ll see you at the next one??



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Stephanie and Alex {Maternity Session}

This whole session was very special. It was gifted to Stephanie through her friend, who was one of my brides last year. Funny thing was, I didn’t know that I actually knew Steph until we met at the beach and I instantly I recognized her. It was neat because her dress was the same style dress that she wore in that particular wedding… and she’s stunning in it! Also, after you view these pictures you will see how head over heels Alex is for Stephanie. I loved photographing this couple, I could see their passion and I hardly had to direct them with anything. These two are some great looking parents. Miss Ava is going to be the cherry on top!! And from what I heard from Stephanie, if Ava isn’t here already she’s coming today!



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Aubree {Newborn Session}

I met Sheena and Josh earlier this year for their maternity pictures. I knew just from the way they behaved together that they were already head over heels in love with their little girl. I was really excited then because I knew how much love there would be for their newborn session. I wasn’t disappointed. Sheena told me how rough the delivery was but you would have never been able to tell. Mom, dad and sweet baby looked amazing! Enjoy a few pictures from our session together!



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Quincy, Natasha and Cadyn {Family Session}

I have had the privilege of photographing this incredible family from the very beginning. In two ways, since the beginning of their family and the beginning of this business. I photographed Natasha and Quincy’s maternity session (one of my first ever) for Cadyn, his newborn session, their one year family session. I saw Cadyn again for the holidays and now this is their two-years-as-a-family session. I’m so grateful to be able to grow along with them.

We started out with a sleepy Cadyn but by the end, and after playing in the water, he was so excited and did not want to leave the beach for anything (and he made sure to let us all know that, haha). They are so fun to work with. Hope you enjoy some of these as much as I did! 🙂

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