With all the love, Thank You.

As this year comes to a close, so will we. When I started this adventure years ago I knew nothing about how to run a business. I knew I had a passion for photography and a talent for it, which I naively thought at the time was all you needed to be successful but as time goes on and as you learn and grow and make mistakes you realize the costs that go into running a legal and reputable business and you realize where your passion lies.

There are things like monthly insurance payments, software subscriptions for editing services, album design services, website fees, marketing fees, taxes, office supplies, education costs and not to forget the most important part of all, the equipment. Camera bodies, lenses, memory cards, hard drives, lighting, just to name a few – thousands and thousands of dollars spent. You also learn what you enjoy, what you don’t enjoy, and what matters most to you. After years of shooting engagements, weddings and posed family portraits I have learned a lot.

I have learned that what moves me and my passion for this business are things that are real. Moments that can never be had again. Genuine and candid captures of real life. I have learned that nothing can beat a hand held printed image. I have learned that photo albums are one of the sole things that people would choose to grab if their house was burning down. I have learned that it’s difficult to go into another direction when you’ve started somewhere else.

As I close this chapter of my life, a new one will be opened, a more genuine, more candid, real-life chapter, I hope. One where only honest moments are captured – messy breakfasts with toddlers, family time on the couch, crafts and dirty feet, rainy days spent at home, trips to the zoo. The little things that so many of us take for granted until they are gone and I want these moments to be able to be held, to be looked at, to be enjoyed and treasured – not hidden away in a file or an album on a social media site.

I am so thankful for each and every client that I have had, and every friend that I have made through all of these years. Each and every one of you helped me to grow, and to learn. I have watched so many of your families grow and it has been a honor and a privilege to be a part of it. Seriously. Watching you all with your families, and especially as my own kids get older, it has been hard not to realize that we never know when the last time something will happen and how important it is to capture the now. That has led me to where I am going and I am so grateful.

This page will remain and your galleries will remain. I hope that when the time comes for this new chapter to be unveiled that you will follow me along, and maybe even get some of your own real life, in the now, photographs taken of your own. Whether they are done by me, a friend, or another professional I just hope you’re inspired to think of these moments as the gifts they are and capture them.

There are so many small, wonderful and even not so wonderful moments that we don’t often think on, that can be taken from us in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately so many of us don’t realize until it’s too late that we would do anything to have them back. Capture them while you can.

To reach me while I’m in the in-between, you can email me at ALBallard2010@gmail.com

Much love to you all!
Amanda Ballard

We’re back!

h boy does time move fast or what? In the moment sometimes it seems like forever, but when you look back it’s gone like a breeze. We had closed up shop months back due to some complications in my pregnancy but now I’m super excited to say we’re back up and running. My little man is 2 months old now and I seriously can’t wait for my next session. Invest in your memories. You’ll wish you did. Packages and pricing are listed here.

In the mean time, enjoy some pictures of the little bugger that was taking all my attention. <3

LuckyElephantPhotography_Roland (1) LuckyElephantPhotography_Roland (3) LuckyElephantPhotography_Roland (4) LuckyElephantPhotography_Roland (7) LuckyElephantPhotography_Roland (5) LuckyElephantPhotography_Roland (6) LuckyElephantPhotography_Roland (2)




We’ll be back!

Thank You!

I didn’t want it to be true but every day that goes by I can feel that it is. Per my doctor’s request and my very pregnant body I am no longer able to do any further sessions until after I deliver this baby. I have been fighting some incredible amounts of back pain and after a recent shoot I could hardly move shortly after. When I’m having one of my good days I feel in complete denial of this, but then later it hits me and I know it’s true, and I know it’s time I have to officially put the memo out. I just wanted to let all my clients know, especially the ones that I worked with while pregnant, who took extra care to remind me to be extra careful, how thankful I am for your understanding. I am so thankful for anyone and everyone who has trusted me to capture your memories these past few years. I love you guys!

I’m SUPER looking forward to May when I can start shooting again. During this down time I’ve been perfecting and updating everything here as well as working on my boudoir brand and I can’t wait to come back and share everything with you. Again, thank you all!

See you guys in May!!

Holiday Sessions are here!

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Happy Holidays!! We’re doing a little something different for our holiday sessions this year and we’re SUPER EXCITED about it! We wanted to figure out a way to incorporate our **Day In The Life** sessions with the holiday season, and what better way to do that than by having a traditional moment in your family’s life documented?!

Every session comes with:

  • an on-line digital gallery
  • 3 mini accordion-style photo books (one for you and 2 perfect stocking stuffers for family! – or keep them all! haha)
  • a beautiful metal ornament of your favorite image for your tree!


This is a GREAT gift for anyone that is sentimental! Like it, share it or GIFT it to someone you think would LOVE it. Again, Happy Holidays from Lucky Elephant Photography – South Florida Story Photography!!! Xoxo

Send an email to info@luckyelephantphotography.com with questions or your decision to book!


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Don’t let time run out…

One of the biggest regrets when we lose someone, or when time passes faster than we imagined it would is that we didn’t spend enough time with the people we loved. We always thought we would have more of it. We always thought we’d have that chance. Here at Lucky Elephant Photography we give you that chance, and above all we make that memory last forever. We think some of the most important memories are the ones that we don’t think to get photographed. Especially as a parent, think of those moments that you end up missing the most and never realize how fast they can go away as your kids grow up. The last time your daughter will let you brush her hair before school, the last time your son might want to play ball with you, the last time they let you tuck them in for bed. These are the moments we end up missing and mourning. We wished we had cherished them more. With the album, prints and online gallery that is included in every session you will never ever have to worry about losing those memories.

Story Sessions, Photo Products, A Day in the Life, Family Photography, South Florida, South Florida Family Photographer, Broward County


Our session packages are separated by time so that everyone can have the opportunity to remember the small things and so that no one misses out on the opportunity to have them forever. We currently have a two hour package (A Minute in the Life), a four hour package (A Moment in the Life) and an 8 hour package (A Day in the Life). Custom packages can also be created to make sure you have a complete story for whatever you have in mind.

Send us a message today to find out more information and if you know you want some pictures but aren’t sure what you can do in the time frame you want, let us know and we can help you make some decisions – from baking cookies at home, to a day spent at the beach, to fishing at the park, to full birthday parties. There is a special memory that anyone can create.

A Day In the Life, Story Sessions, Photo Documenatry, South Florida Family Photographer, Broward County, Family Photography, Lifestyle Photography

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Story Sessions – A Moment In The Life of Arianna

“Little girls are precious gifts, wrapped in love serene. Their dresses tied with sashes and futures tied with dreams.” – Unknown

I thought that quote was perfect for Arianna. I grew up with her mom, we went to elementary school together and our grandparents lived blocks away from each other. After school I’d find myself over her house and we would play with her dolls and barbies for hours. Though she lives in Georgia now she was down here on vacation and had to get a story session in while she could. Arianna’s mom is a very talented seamstress and can bring any dream that little girl has to life (so freaking cool!). This time that dream was playing dress up as Sophia. I sat on the sidelines and just captured her being her as she had a tea party with her friends, picked flowers for her grandma and when she went back in her brother and uncle wanted to join in the tea party too! Here are just a few of my favorites from her story! Story Sessions, A Day In The Life, Lifestyle Photography, Documentary Style Photography, South Florida Photographer, Modern Family Photography, Sophia The First, Dress Up, Princess, Children Photography, Lucky Elephant Photography, Tea Party, Professional Photography, Broward County Photographer, South Florida


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Story Sessions – A Day In The Life


Never again can these moments happen, never again in the same way or the same time. When you realize this these memories become priceless, valuable treasures. When these are gone how much would you give to get them back? If you ask anyone who has lost a loved one or has misplaced memories, they would give anything.


Let us document a day in your life. Capturing these real honest moments will never be a regret, only not having them will be.


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Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club – An Armor Making Story Session

The Mandalorian Mercs is an international costume club dedicated to helping charities and creating movie-quality costumes for conventions and fundraisers. Some of the members from South Florida invited us to be a part of one of their armor making events. As a wife of a Star Wars fan and a lover of cosplay I was excited to see the behind the scenes. We started off in the backyard, watching as they cut their armor out and painted the details onto weapons and helmets. Midway through there was break for coffee and cookie cake and when the final touches were complete we ventured out the Everglades to get some photographs of their completed costumes.

This was such a unique experience and a great start to our Story Sessions. If you’re interested in joining the Mandalorian Mercs let us know and we’ll happily get you in contact with someone from the South Florida chapter. Here are a few of the pictures from our day!

"Mandalorian Mercanaries of South Florida Costume Modification P "Mandalorian Mercanaries of South Florida Costume Modification P


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Family Sunrise Session

Okay. Okay.. I just have to say that I think this family deserves a golden medal for this session. I only do beach sessions at sunrise for multiple reasons and when I found out this family of EIGHT was interested I wasn’t sure we’d make it. Sunrise is no problem for me, I get all my stuff ready the night before and when my alarm goes off I roll out of bed, brush my teeth, get an iced coffee and head to location. Easy peasy. But when you’re the one on camera you have a lot more to do. That might be no problem for one adult, maybe two. Now, add in four kids. FOUR. Then add in the kids’ grandmothers! I would have totally understood if they hadn’t made it there on time because I don’t know if I could do it with my own family and I only have one kid! But guess what? They were there on time AND they looked great. They were all awake and they were ready to go! So fantastic! Here are a few samples from our sunrise beach session! Enjoy! FamilySession_LuckyElephantPhotography
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Christy & Humberto {Destination Wedding / Family Vacation}

If you follow me at all you’ll know that in July my daughter and I went along with my sister, our parents and her fiance to Tennessee so that they could get married out of the city. It was a small intimate wedding with the most perfect of details and it took place right in front of the fire place in our cabin in the mountains. After the ceremony the three of us went down to explore and and soak in as much of gorgeous Tennessee as we could. Since they got married on our first day up there we enjoyed the last bit of the trip site-seeing and doing what tourists do – cave exploring, gem mining, trout fishing, deer feeding – you know, the usual! Here are a few (ha ha – in comparison to the whole album) pictures from our trip. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!


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