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Story Sessions with Lucky Elephant Photography

Somewhere along the lines I lost touch of my true passion in photographing people in what I thought were the technicalities of portrait photography. The things I thought I had to do in order to gain respect or be looked at like I knew what I was doing. I spent a lot of time and investment in learning poses and techniques for setting up people to look their best. Positioning them nicely in a park or a beach. I even learned studio posing, for what I thought I needed. Telling my clients to, “Say Cheese!” or “Open your eyes at the count of 3!” wasn’t something I ever felt proud of doing but it’s what I thought I had to do to get ‘that shot’. This is the traditional way of portrait photography and it’s the way most people think it has to be. It’s the way I thought it had to be and what I thought was the ‘must do’ to be a professional family photographer.

Then I had an epiphany one night while trying to select three of my favorite photographs of my daughter for a frame. Suddenly it clicked in my head and I realized that posing and forced smiles or fake emotions aren’t present in any of them. Most of them are beautifully composed, yes, but they are all genuine real moments. All my favorite pictures of my own family and of others’ families have always been the candid ones too. Once this dawned on me I instantly realized why I’ve had a hard time promoting this business. I didn’t believe in what I was doing. I was stoked to be taking pictures of people and wanted to keep doing it but the people in the frames weren’t behaving naturally and it always felt off to me. Who just stands in the middle of a field with their family, all facing the same way, arm to arm, smiling in a certain direction instead of at each other? The answer is no one. It wasn’t what I loved in my heart. I didn’t feel like I was capturing real people and that’s what makes my heart sing. That’s what fuels me to work so hard. I couldn’t bare to take more time away from my family while posing others in ways they would never naturally be.

Story Photography by Lucky Elephant Photography

While I love each one of my clients and the experiences we’ve had shooting, a whole lot of me wishes I hadn’t been so worried with poses and techniques, backgrounds, baskets and props. I wish I could have sat down with my clients, gotten to know them a little better, then accompany them on an adventure or spend a day in their home, capturing real moments between each other, telling their individual unique story.

To me, it’s not the nice park setting with the pretty trees. It’s not making sure to stand in the direction of the wind so that your hair won’t fall in your face when posing out on the beach.  It’s not the perfect smiles or the fake laughs. It’s not wrapping up newborns and setting them in buckets. It’s not jingling bells so babes will look at the camera. It’s not about props and backdrops. It’s about the love and the connection – and I let the poses and the technicalities get in the way of that.

To me, it’s about the way a child looks at her mother, or the way a daughter’s hand can fit inside of her father’s just so. It’s about the miracle of birth or joining hands in marriage. It’s about a first trip to the zoo, children wide eyed with wonder. It’s about a carnival date between two lovers, sharing funnel cakes and kisses. It’s about celebrations and parties, exploring and adventures, days spent at home and evening walks on the beach. It’s about tears over spilled milk. It’s about the real moments. Most importantly, it’s about the small little things that we don’t think to get captured but end up missing the most over the years.

Story Photography by Lucky Elephant Photography


The standard posed portrait is the way people think it’s supposed to be, the way they think it has to be. Well I’m here to break the tradition of the standard portraits. I’ve done them and I’ve not done them and now I know I don’t need them. I want to capture real genuine moments. I want to create photographs that will become family treasures. I want people to look at my images and be able to feel something. Those small special moments or special occasions that time takes away too quickly, I want to preserve them forever and that is exactly what we are doing here now. We are telling real life stories one beautiful album at a time.


If you’re interested in having your family’s memories photographed by us send a message via the Book a Shoot page or call and leave a message at (954) 900-9927. Because I am super duper excited about this change, we are currently offering session discounts for a limited amount of time if you let us come along and capture something super fun and unique! Let’s chat!

Those of you that read along or that continue to work with us, thank you!

Much Love,
Amanda Ballard
Owner of Lucky Elephant Photography


Christy & Humberto {Destination Wedding / Family Vacation}

If you follow me at all you’ll know that in July my daughter and I went along with my sister, our parents and her fiance to Tennessee so that they could get married out of the city. It was a small intimate wedding with the most perfect of details and it took place right in front of the fire place in our cabin in the mountains. After the ceremony the three of us went down to explore and and soak in as much of gorgeous Tennessee as we could. Since they got married on our first day up there we enjoyed the last bit of the trip site-seeing and doing what tourists do – cave exploring, gem mining, trout fishing, deer feeding – you know, the usual! Here are a few (ha ha – in comparison to the whole album) pictures from our trip. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!


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March of Dimes 2014 {Friday’s Personal Post}

Guess what?! IT’S FRIDAY. I love Fridays. Since I work full time as a secretary I am always looking forward to the weekends. Weekends always mean time spent with my family and friends and  typically photoshoots – which I LOVE. A couple weekends ago we all attended the walk-a-thon at Nova University for the March of Dimes. It’s the first one I’ve participated in and it certainly won’t be the last. I wanted to share a few pictures from the event, an inside look into part of my family life (the husband was NOT going to wake up early to walk therefore I say “part”.. LOL) so I went with my mom, sister, her fiance, our friend Josalyn and my daughter Arya. Maybe we’ll see you at the next one??



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Sharon’s Art

Some of you might remember seeing this post that I felt I had to write when Sharon lost her fight with cancer last month. I want to share with you just some of her artwork which was displayed this weekend at her memorial. She truly was a remarkable artist in so many aspects and will be missed by so many. Please take a moment to enjoy these!


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Share love with the ones you love. {In Memory of Sharon Basile}

This is a very personal post and is one coming from a heavy heart so forgive me if there are slight errors or things don’t make orderly sense, I’m typing strait from the heart as the thoughts come. Last night my best friend’s mom lost her fight with cancer. I’m lucky enough to be able to call several different women my “second moms” and Sharon is one of them. She was a huge part of my life back in highschool. I practically spent entire summers at her house and she always treated me like I was one of her daughters. Always. Always. Always. She’s made a huge impact in my life and turning me into the person I am today, with my confidence and my own thoughts and my own dreams and she truly always made me feel loved. I loved her.

I should have told her that. All of that. 

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Fireworks – 4th of July 2013

This year I  read a lot on different ways to photograph fireworks. I was really excited to see if I had soaked any of it up. I’m pretty happy with the results, I hope you enjoy them!

To get this effect you turn the focus ring while the shutter is open. Most of these were taken with ISO 100, 1 second shutter speed at F16.

Father’s Day – Personal

This year was my husband’s very first official Father’s Day. It was spent the most perfect way possible, with our family. We got to visit both sets of parents and spent a lot of time together just the three of us. It’s almost like Arya knew it was his special day. I don’t think I’ve heard her say “Dada” more. I love my husband so much – even more so when he is being a dad. I’m so excited to see where this awesome little girl takes us.